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My name is Nicole DeFranco.

I like to say I’ve been designing my whole life, but my professional career started in 2009. I am currently a group art supervisor at an advertising agency on the east coast.

In the design world, most people use only their two eyes. What sets me apart is my design instinct—the idea that I use my 3rd eye to find visual truth.

What is the 3rd eye? 

It’s what allows you to see more than what’s before you. It’s using wisdom, consciousness, and intuition to help inform aesthetics and design decisions.

This includes strategic rationale, following guidelines, knowing when to follow the rules, and more importantly, knowing when to break them.

Top that with hard work, adaptability and resilience. It’s not just how I work. It’s what I believe in.

It all comes from a place of pure excitement and loving what I do. I am a creative at my core and love to pair my design instinct with strong leadership skills.

As you'll see in my portfolio, I am a versatile designer. I’ve done work across many different industries from consumer goods to fashion, entertainment, healthcare, and more.

I love to inspire those around me. In fact, I can explain it better with this quote by James Keller -

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle". And THAT is the type of environment I strive to create on my team.

To contact me or get a login to view my full portfolio of work, visit the contact page. Thanks for stopping by!    

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